Organisms (1-6)

Here’s a sample of what you’ll get if you come down to the booth:


I drew these on stiff paper (thin cardboard?) from RISD Second Life (thanks, RISD Second Life), some from memory and some with the help of a guide to North American wildlife. On the back will be the addresses of this site, of Resilient RI, and of the Environmental Justice League of RI.

If you have an organism request, leave it in the comments!

Climate Anxiety Counseling: a Rhode Island Project

I’m scared for the effects of climate change on the world I love. Rather than try to think about, save, or mourn for the whole world, I decided to think about my city and state, and the living creatures — including other humans — who share it with me.

From May 13th to June 7th, I’ll be in Kennedy Plaza — opposite the bus terminal, and just outside Burnside Park — with a Lucy-from-Peanuts style booth (thank you, Charles Schulz):

If you stop and talk with me, I’ll ask you what you’re most worried about — whether it’s related to climate change or to something else — and if I can write down what you say. With permission, I’ll share some of what people say on this site. And eventually, I hope to make what people say, and my responses to it, into a book.

You’ll also be able to mark your worry, if it affects Rhode Island, on a big standing map of the state — and take away a little drawing of a living creature that shares the state with you. Sometimes we may have special guests, or days when people are taking photo or video to post here.

Visit the booth to share your worries, and visit this site to hear what other people have to say.

Here’s me with the booth in its early form (thank you, James McShane):


Come back soon to see it with lettering in place! Also for updates on progress, special guests, reflections on the day, connections with other projects, and more.


Kennedy Plaza (outside Burnside Park)

Tuesday-Friday 3-6 pm, Saturday 3-5 pm

May 13th-June 7th, 2014