Urban Pond Procession Community Kickoff, 2/28/15!

Come hear from artists and activists (including me) and make some art of your own at the UPP Arts / Urban Pond Procession Community Kickoff!

Saturday, 2/28, 10am-1pm

Reservoir Avenue School, 156 Reservoir Avenue, Providence


You can make a little book and fill it with reflections about water, guided by Sissy Rosso, Monica Chin, and me. There’ll also be snacks.

For your climate anxiety and ecological art needs

I’ve been trying to figure out what to do about all the things people told me this summer, and I’m starting to fill in a plan. Here are some things I’ve been reading/listening to in order to learn, and some people doing relevant work:

At Is This How You Feel?, science communicator Joe Duggan is collecting scientists’ and others’ emotional reactions to climate change.

If you want to make a “Climate Confession”, you can call The Adaptors’ Climate Confessions Hotline. Their other podcasts so far are about alternative energy sources.

The Friends of the Pleistocene are practicing ways to live in the reality of continuous change, through ritual, disaster preparedness training and meeting the unexpected.

Cape Farewell fosters art as climate communication.

DJ Spooky’s making music and more about Antarctica. You can too.

And if you live in Rhode Island, the Urban Pond Procession Kickoff is on February 28th.

There’ll be more from me here soon.