The Southside is not a dump! Two chances to say so are coming up

South Providence and Washington Park residents are asking people to join them this Friday, March 13, 3-5pm, at the corner of Allens and Thurbers Avenues, to declare our opposition to a dump that will heavily increase truck traffic, toxic dust and greenhouse gas emissions.


Meanwhile, the company that wants to build this garbage depot has asked Providence City Plan Commission for another 60-day extension on their application. The Commission will decide whether to grant this request on March 17, 4:45pm, at 444 Westminster St in downtown Providence. Come to the 1st floor meeting room that day to show them that we’re paying attention and need our voices heard.

TODAY: Testify against a RI bill that’s calculated to make police and facist violence more dangerous

CW: Police/state and fascist violence

If you’re able, please come to the RI state house today (starting at 4:30) and testify against Rep. Corvese’s bill that would make protections like masks/face coverings, knee pads–knee pads!–and gas masks illegal for protestors, putting them at risk of a year in prison or a $1000 fine if they use these protections, and at risk of increased harm from both fascist militias and police if they don’t.

Steve Ahlquist has written more about the bill and its effects if it becomes law. He writes powerfully about fascists’ methods of targeting and threatening people online as well as in person if they can see their faces, in order to frighten people into accepting fascist violence–especially people who our government also often fails to serve, or actively targets for violence, in other ways.

If you are someone who for whatever reason can’t attend protests (rallies, demonstrations, marches) but recognize the work they do to bring the wrongdoing of power to light and to resist structural violence, you can help support them in that work by testifying today.

Please come to the RI State House today (Tuesday 3/10) at 4:30 pm to testify against H7543.