No Fracked Gas in Burrillville, RI: Public Hearing Tonight

Tonight (Thursday, 3/31) there’s a public hearing in Burrillville, RI where you can register your opposition to the fracked-gas power plant that Invenergy wants to build there.

The hearing is at 6pm tonight at Burrillville High School, 423 East Avenue, Burrillville, RI.

Here’s a Facebook event with more information, and a fact sheet with details of why this plant would be bad for Rhode Island’s living creatures.

Andrea Zhu interviewed me for WBRU

Remember a while back, Andrea Zhu interviewed me about the Climate Anxiety Counseling booth and I thought I missed it, or something?

Here are the fruits of that interview. Thanks, Andrea!

She writes, “It’s hard to say whether other communities around the world will adopt Schapira’s method to address the local effects of global climate change.” If you would like to do a version of climate anxiety counseling in your home city or town, watch this space: I’m putting a template up soon, and then maybe it will be a little easier to say.

Providence 2050

The Providence Public Library, a place and institution that I love so much, invited people living and working in the city to imagine it in 2050, and this is what we said. I’m in there (though I don’t know that I would call myself an “emerging leader”) and so are a lot of people that I also love, and some I don’t know.

Thanks to Kate Wells and the PPL for inviting me to be part of this story.