Climate Anxiety Counseling TODAY (8/1) at the Sankofa World Market/Knight Memorial Library!

I’m back from the National Art Strategies¬†Creative Community Fellows‘ gathering in Vermont. One of the ways Vermont looked was this:

ganusha farm mist

Among the nonhuman animals I met were several salamanders, two separate frogs, many butterflies known and unknown to me, many moths mostly unknown to me, at least 10 kinds of bee, a spider I named Big Lady and her ~50 olive-green babies living on a raft in the lake, and some slugs eating a mushroom:

slugs eating mushroom

I also met many incredible and generous and wise and brave human animals, learned a lot, faced some lousy aspects of my personality, and swam in a lake. I’m back and I’ll be at the Sankofa World Market 2-6pm today, August 1st, to hear your climate-change-related and other anxieties. Please come see me.



Climate Anxiety Counseling TODAY, 6/2, South Side Cultural Center!

I’ll be there to listen to your climate-change-related and other anxieties 11-3pm today at the South Side Cultural Center as part of the Sankofa Market and Sowing Place.¬† There will also be tasty foods to buy and music to listen to. Please come! I drew spiders all morning yesterday so that you could take home a picture of a spider.

Climate Anxiety Counseling in Burnside Park this week!

I’ll be staffing the booth again, in Burnside Park opposite Kennedy Plaza, on these days, 3-6pm:

Tuesday, 6/21

Wednesday, 6/22

Thursday, 6/23

Friday, 6/24

Saturday, 6/25

Sunday, 6/26

Monday, 6/28

Come and see me. Share your climate-change-related or other anxieties, learn about Interdependence Days (more about that soon) and get this picture of an ant-mimic spider or another one of your Rhode Island neighbors.

ant mimic spider