Climate Anxiety Counseling TODAY: Last day of the season in Kennedy Plaza/Burnside Park!

Come visit me downtown today! It’s my last day at the entrance to Burnside Park, across from Kennedy Plaza, and I’ll be there 2-5:30 approximately.

Bring me your climate anxieties and other anxieties, write a postcard to a regulatory agency to stop a fossil fuel project, and take home a drawing of one of our nonhuman Rhode Island neighbors.

I’ll also be at the Sankofa World Market this Wednesday, June 19, 2-6pm, and most Wednesdays throughout the summer. Come see me there, too! A Newport slot is in the works as well, probably for Mondays.

cecropia cj

[Image: Detailed line drawing of a cecropia butterfly by CJ Jimenez.]


Climate Anxiety Counseling: Kennedy Plaza/Burnside Park, 6/15/19

Weather: Bright and fiercely windy

Number of people: 8 stoppers, 1 walkby, 1 map marker

Number of hecklers: 0!

People who got the Peanuts reference: 2

Pictures taken with permission: 1

Pictures taken without permission: 1

People I’ve spoken with before, back for more: 3

Pages of notes: 4

Dogs seen: 16

Dogs pet: 1

Money raised for Tooth and Nail Community Support Collective: $0.15



Downtown was tooling up for the Pride parade. There were lots of people wearing or carrying one-use plastic rainbow objects, which infuriated me. There was also one person wearing a rainbow clown wig that looked like it had seen a few seasons of service, and another person carrying a little made-at-home trans pride flag, both of which I found touching. Older couples and groups were nice to see.

While eight people spoke with me at length today, none of them wanted me to take notes or share the conversations (which were also not about climate change but about other concerns and strains in their lives). So I won’t.

Today also had an unusually large number of people saying that they thought the booth was cool, a great idea, etc., but not stopping.

Around 4:25, one of four white people I’d seen walking around together with a muzzled dog beckoned a cop car over to the park. That cop and two others searched a Black man with an orange-striped shirt and made him get in the car, then stayed around questioning other people. Three white women (not me) went over together to speak up for the guy they arrested, but with no success. Later, someone else told me that the dog was biting people and that the guy they arrested had tried to defend himself.

Someone wrote, “My kids’ safety” on the whiteboard map of Rhode Island, where I ask people to “put their worries on the map,” but I can’t get the picture of it off my phone. So here, instead, is a picture of a small friend of mine feeding blazing star to his shark. Let’s work together to make sure that joy, not violence, is waiting for him. Let’s work for the thriving of the plants, the sharks, and the humans.


Climate Anxiety Counseling TOMORROW, 6/5, 2-5pm, in Burnside Park!

The Climate Anxiety Counseling booth got a paint job today, because tomorrow is the first day of the new season!

booth repaint 3

Come and share your anxieties about climate change, or other things, between 2 and 5pm in Burnside Park tomorrow, 6/5. I’ll be on the side facing Kennedy Plaza, near the middle entrance to the park.

If you talk with me, I’ll listen to you and and ask you some questions, and give you a small piece of art (featuring one of our nonhuman Rhode Island neighbors) to keep. Depending on what we talk about, you might also walk away with a suggestion for what to do next.


Climate Anxiety Counseling in June 2019!

If you have anxieties about climate change and its effects, you can come talk with me at these times and places in Providence. These are the ones that are for sure right now; I will add more if I can set up more.

Wednesday, June 5th, 2-5pm, Burnside Park (opposite Kennedy Plaza)

Thursday, June 6th, 2-5pm, Burnside Park

Saturday, June 8th, starting at 12pm and going till… in Burnside Park as part of PVDFest

Wednesday, June 12th, 2-5pm, Burnside Park

Thursday, June 13th, 2-5pm, Burnside Park

Friday, June 14th, 2-5pm, Burnside Park

Saturday, June 15th, 2-5pm, Burnside Park

Sunday, June 16th, 2-5pm, Burnside Park

Monday, June 17th, 2-5pm, Burnside Park


Wednesday, June 19th, 2-6pm, Sankofa World Market (275 Elmwood Ave)

Wednesday, June 26th, 2-6pm, Sankofa World Market

(I’ll also be at the Sankofa World Market in July and August!)


If you come and talk to me, I’ll listen, ask you some questions, possibly make some suggestions and give you a little piece of art to keep, featuring one of our nonhuman RI neighbors.

ri organism card front

You can also mark your worries about specific places on a map of the state and nearby waters.

map 8-29-18

If you want me to come to your Rhode Island town (or even further afield, up to a point), email me at my gmail address, publiclycomplex, or talk to me on Twitter. (Climate Anxiety Counseling has a Facebook page too but I don’t use it very much.)

Some other things that are coming this summer and that I’ll post more about soon:

*Write to the Energy Facilities Siting Board and Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management to stop Invenergy’s fracked-gas power plant in Burrillville! You’ll be able to fill them out at the counseling booth, and I will send them in for you; you can also do them online for the EFSB (a petition with explanations and a comment that you can adapt) and RI DEM (instructions for submitting comments and the email address where you should send them).

*GUEST COUNSELORS! If you would like to be one, please let me know.

*Climate anxiety support group? Maybe? A couple of people have told me they’re interested; let me know if you’re interested too.

Climate Anxiety Counseling in Burnside Park/Kennedy Plaza!

I’ve finally figured out the schedule for my Climate Anxiety Counseling shifts in Burnside Park, opposite Kennedy Plaza in downtown Providence–the original site of the booth and one of my favorite places to do it.

Come talk to me 11am-2pm* on…

May 23-26

May 29-June 1

June 5-6

June 8-9

June 12-16

I’ll also be there on June 7, but the time may be different because of other things that are happening that day.

Thanks as always to Jen Smith and the Downtown Providence Parks Conservancy for hosting me here. I walked into Jen’s office like, “So I have this idea,” four years ago and she’s been solidly supportive of it ever since.

*This is unusual and inconvenient, I know. It’s because I watch my friend’s kid on Tuesday/Thursday afternoons now. If you can never make it at that time of day, come see me on Wednesdays 2-6 at the Sankofa Market, starting on June 20th!

Climate Anxiety Counseling in Kennedy Plaza/Burnside Park this week!

I’ll be downtown with the Climate Anxiety Counseling booth, in Burnside Park across from Kennedy Plaza, today through Saturday, 2-6pm.

This week will be my final week of the summer in Kennedy Plaza. Starting on July 12th, I’ll be at the Sankofa World Market on Wednesdays, and I’ll show up a couple of other places that I’ll let you know about here. But if you’ve been waiting to see me in KP, this is a good week to come down. I’ll listen to your anxieties–climate-change-related or otherwise, and give you a little piece of art to keep, featuring a Rhode Island organism.

Today I drew a warbling vireo. Last week, I gave a flying squirrel drawing to a kid, about five or six years old. Another kid about the same age saw me do it, did some quick mental calculations, and came up to the booth with an expectant look on his face. If there were animal drawings being given out, he wanted in. I gave him a drawing of a chipping sparrow.

Come and visit me.

Climate Anxiety Counseling TODAY in Burnside Park

Come and visit the Climate Anxiety Counseling booth in Burnside Park today (or tomorrow, or Friday), 2-6pm. Tell me what’s pressing most on your mind, whether it’s to do with climate change or with some other aspect of your life and the world. With your permission, I’ll take notes on our conversation and post them here, and give you a little piece of art to keep.


Climate Anxiety Counseling in Burnside Park this week!

I’ll be staffing the booth again, in Burnside Park opposite Kennedy Plaza, on these days, 3-6pm:

Tuesday, 6/21

Wednesday, 6/22

Thursday, 6/23

Friday, 6/24

Saturday, 6/25

Sunday, 6/26

Monday, 6/28

Come and see me. Share your climate-change-related or other anxieties, learn about Interdependence Days (more about that soon) and get this picture of an ant-mimic spider or another one of your Rhode Island neighbors.

ant mimic spider


Climate Anxiety Counseling Returns to Burnside Park!

Do you worry about climate change and its effects? Or is something else pressing on your mind?

Do you feel alone with your thoughts, or helpless, or disconnected?

Do you imagine the future? What do you imagine?

Come and talk about any or all of those things with me. I will be staffing the Climate Anxiety Counseling booth in Burnside Park (Washington St., downtown Providence, opposite Kennedy Plaza) on the following days:

May 11th-12th
May 15th-16th
May 24th-30th
June 8th-12th
June 20th-24th
These are a little patchy, because I’m traveling a bit (I have a new book out). Following me on Twitter or using the Facebook event page is probably the easiest way to see if I’ll be there on a given day, or you can check back here.
If you come see me and give me five cents for the Environmental Justice League of Rhode Island, I’ll listen to your anxieties, climate-change-related or otherwise–I might ask you some questions to find out more about them–and with your permission, write them down and post them here. (New readers: check out the booth sessions category for what that will look like.) I’ll give you a small piece of art to keep, a drawing of a creature that shares our land and water with us:
red-breasted merganser
And I’ll tell you about something new that’s happening this summer. Please come see me: as of Wednesday, the doctor is in.