Climate Anxiety Counseling: Sankofa World Market, 7/17/19

Weather: Hot and muggy, a couple spatters of rain

Number of people: 4 stoppers, 1 walkby

Number of hecklers: 0!

Pages of notes: 2

People who recognized the Peanuts reference: 1

Money raised for Tooth and Nail Community Support Collective: $1.00


I only got permission to share one conversation today. Everyone working the market agrees that it’s been a slow season so far, and no one is sure why. If you live in Providence and it’s not hard for you to get to 275 Elmwood Ave, come buy your vegetables at the Sankofa Market next week (7/24, 2-6pm)! The farmers live nearby, and SNAP is double!

Nonhuman animal passersby: cabbage white butterfly, pigeons, bronze-colored dragonfly (maybe an eastern amberwing?), monarch butterfly, sparrow, gnat, housefly, white egret flying over.

Non-rhetorical question to ask next time someone’s anxious about finding work: Why do you think it’s so hard to find work?

Some conversations:

I’m anxious about flooding because I hear that global warming is raising the sea level. Rising sea temperatures are bringing predatory fish closer to the shore. The whole polar ice cap thing, the whole ice cap melting.

How do you feel when you read or hear about all this?

Unlike some people, I believe it. I don’t feel good about it, but I don’t know how to actually reverse it.

So when you feel stressed out about it–

I don’t feel stress, but I am concerned. And we’re seeing it in our weather patterns: summer comes later and winter comes later. The weather is diffferent than the weather I grew up with.

Did you grow up in Rhode Island?

Here in Providence. There are effects on the bats, [climate change] feeds infection and diseases, so there are more insects—I don’t know how their recovery is going. Very rarely do I see a monarch butterfly.

Did you used to?

They were commonplace. I think it’s affecting the navigational systems of birds. Canada geese don’t migrate, they stay here all year now. And we’ve got these species coming over, invasive species.


Come next time and help this market grow!

[IMAGE: A tiny cucumber growing on a chain-link fence.]

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