Climate Anxiety Counseling and/or Ocean State Against Hate, 8/4, 11-3

Hi everyone. I’ll be with the Sankofa World Market tomorrow for Sowing Place, out back of the Southside Cultural Center (391 Broad St, the parking lot is off Bridgham if you’re driving), 11am-3pm tomorrow (8/4).

I’m very pleased to tell you that 1-3pm, I will be working with a Spanish-English interpreter! If you know someone who might want to talk with me and would be more comfortable doing so in Spanish, please send them my way tomorrow. I intend to set this up more and more as time goes on.

AND/BUT/ALSO: Between 11 and 3 tomorrow, a far-right group with fascist ties is rallying at the Rhode Island State House, and Ocean State Against Hate is organizing a counter-rally. Please see that event page for parameters, and go if you can; I’d rather you go to that than come talk with me.


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