Climate Anxiety Counseling: Kennedy Plaza/Burnside Park, 6/12/18

Weather: Warm, bright, stiff breeze

Number of people: 7 stoppers, 3 walkbys

Number of hecklers: 0!

Pages of notes: 3

Pictures taken with permission: 2

People I’ve spoken with before, back for more: 2

Dogs seen: 3

Dogs pet: 0

Money raised for Environmental Justice League of RI: $2.03



I didn’t get permission to post any conversations today, which is rare. Some things that happened: I ended up in a surprise couples counseling session, to which I was completely inadequate, and two very sweet excited women on their way to the movies stopped and took cards. “There should be more of you,” one of them said. “Are you the only one?”

Nonhuman animals: pigeons, one limping, one pinto, two having sex; sparrows, one juvenile that landed very close to me. Ladybug on park fence.

Facing east this day. No food trucks upon my arrival; one came at 11:30.

Security guy (not a park ranger) wandering about the park 11:10-ish.

There are far fewer altercations this season—much less yelling and no physical fights that I’ve seen at all. I don’t know if that’s partly the time of day (earlier, 11-2 instead of 3-6) as well as the increased policing.


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