Tell Johnston Town Council not to sell water to Invenergy

Thanks to a reader’s tip, I learned that Invenergy is approaching the town of Johnston in an attempt to buy water from them for their fracked-gas power plant, and that their town council is meeting tonight to vote on it–at the same time as Woonsocket’s City Council, whom Invenergy also approached.

Johnston is not offering residents an opportunity to comment publicly on this deal, and neither they nor Invenergy have released any of its details.

Rhode Island friends, everybody who’s ever said to me at the Climate Anxiety Counseling booth or elsewhere “I wish there was something I could do”: if you have time today to call or email the members of the Johnston Town Council and urge them not to sell water to Invenergy, that would be a good thing to do.

Calling is probably better than emailing, but either is good.

You could draw on the email I sent yesterday to the members of the Woonsocket City Council, or you could say/write something like this:

“My name is __________, and I live in ________. I’m asking you to please vote NO on Invenergy’s proposal to buy water from the town of Johnston to run a power plant in Burrillville. That power plant’s going to pollute the air and water throughout the state, it’s not guaranteed to create any permanent jobs for Rhode Islanders, and Burrillville residents have said they don’t want it. Please reject this proposal.”



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