Tell Woonsocket City Council: No Pipeline! Call Today!

From FANG:

Invenergy, the company trying to build a massive fossil fuel power plant in Burrillville, is desperate to find a source of water for the proposed plant. Their newest water scheme is to build a 15-20 mile long pipeline to bring wastewater from Woonsocket, across the Northern part of Rhode Island, to Burrillville.

If we can stop this wastewater piepline, it is most likely that Invenergy will have to cancel their power plant proposal.

The Mayor of Woonsocket is meeting with the City Council THIS WEEK to discuss this dangerous proposal. Please call TODAY and email the Woonsocket City Council members and urge them to reject the waste water pipeline and help stop Invenergy’s toxic power plant!

Denise Sierra: 401-769-6474
Richard Fagnant: 401-309-9288
Jim Cournoyer: 401-864-9995
Melissa Murray: 401-327-0615
Christopher Beauchamp: 401-356-4940
Jon Brien: 401-559-3999
Daniel Gendron: 401-769-4458


“Hello – my name is ______ and I’m calling to urge you to reject Invenergy’s wastewater pipeline proposal. The wastewater pipeline would be used to help run Invenergy’s proposed toxic power plant. The emissions from the plant would impact a huge radius, including Woonsocket.

So far twelve cities and towns across the State have passed resolutions against the plant, including Burrillville who have formally requested your help in stopping the power plant.

The power plant would be bad for Rhode Island, and a 15-20 mile long wastewater pipeline poses a huge risk if there were to be a leak.

Do the right thing and reject the wastewater pipeline and help stop Invenergy’s toxic power plant.”

You can also mention Rhode Island’s need and capacity to transition to renewable energy, and  the fact that any jobs that come out of this will likely go away when the pipeline is built.

Here’s an easily shareable version of this information.

More information about this unfolding situation here:

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