No Fracked Gas Power Plant in Burrillville: Petition and Community Meeting

Burrillville residents are meeting with RI Governor Gina Raimondo tonight: many of them don’t want a fracked-gas power plant in their town and want to tell her so. If you would also like to tell her that, the meeting is at Burrillville High School, 425 East Ave, at 6pm tonight. You can RSVP here.  Burrillville residents will be seated first.

If you can’t make it to Burrillville tonight, but would like to ask or tell Governor Raimondo not to support a power plant that will increase greenhouse gases, interrupt habitats, and slow a necessary transition to low-pollution/low-impact energy without providing lasting work for RI residents, you can …

sign this petition.

…call Governor Raimondo’s office: 401-222-2080

…email Governor Raimondo: governor AT governor DOT ri DOT gov

… tweet at Governor Raimondo: @GinaRaimondo

Tell her that you want to prevent the Spectra expansion in Burrillville and that you want her help in preventing it, too.


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