Some Reminders: No LNG in PVD, Interdependence Day, Providence Community Safety Act

If you live in Providence, there’s so much you can do this week to take care of yourself and your neighbors, and bring the world we want out of the one we have.

You can come out to the corner of Eddy St and Thurbers Ave at 4pm TODAY (Wednesday, 7/13) to demonstrate peacefully against the proposed liquid natural gas facility in South Providence–get details and RSVP here. Bringing extra water would be a kindness!

You can come to our third Interdependence Day gathering TOMORROW (Thursday, 7/14) to meet and talk with neighbors, share stories and food, make something together, and exchange needs and skills. We will probably be doing some mourning/grief work tomorrow, too.

You can, starting now, write to your councilperson (names by ward, map of wards) urging them to support the Providence Community Safety Act.

There are probably lots of other things you can do, that you may know about where I don’t. If you know of one that other people can do too, let me know and if I can share it, I will.


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