Direct Action Opportunity with Fuerza Laboral: POSTPONED

THIS ACTION HAS BEEN POSTPONED. I will update if it is rescheduled, or you can email the organizer below.

Why is Climate Anxiety Counseling posting about a direct labor action with Fuerza Laboral? Because both are about bringing the world we want out of the world we have.

Here’s their statement:


The owner of a cleaning company  employed a group of 8 people to clean student apartments in North Providence. The workers worked 40+ hours, but after the work was done he claimed that the job wasn’t done right and that they took too long to clean the disgusting apartments after the students went on summer break. The apartments were so dirty that the workers had to be on their hands and knees scrubbing the floors, bathrooms, walls etc.. He owes them over $3,000, so we are going to his very fancy home in the suburbs of Johnston. This is not his first offense: he has done it before to other workers, and Fuerza Laboral has already done an action against his company in 2008. The action will be on Thursday  7/7, starting at 5:15 am in Johnston.”
You can email the organizer for details/location: organizer AT

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