First Interdependence Day: 6/28, 6-7:30pm

Tonight is the first of what I hope will be many Interdependence Days, community/neighborhood gatherings where we’ll practice and imagine mutually sustaining ways of being humans together, and with other nonhuman people. It’ll be from 6pm to 7:30 pm at 186 Carpenter St. in Providence; you can come anytime and leave anytime in there. Here’s an event page, and here’s a page with some questions and answers about the events overall.

Thank you to everyone who extended good wishes for my recovery and sent care to me, as well as those who’ve been able to express their care in more tangible ways. I seem to be healing well, and I feel very lucky and grateful. This has served as a reminder of interdependence for me: that I can’t survive in isolation, that the fact that I need other people, things and systems is a matter of grace and a strength.

I hope to see some of you tonight.


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