Interdependence Days

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INTERDEPENDENCE DAYS ARE weekly community gatherings where we’ll recognize, enhance and celebrate the ways that people and other living things depend on, sustain, and help each other.

They’re free, open to the public, and based in the Broadway neighborhood in Providence, where I live.


Meet our neighbors (again or for the first time)

Share our stories, knowledge, needs and skills, with the goal of helping each other do what we want and need to do

Try things that help us connect with one another and with visions of the world we’d like to live in, including:

– Singing & vocal improvising

– Meditation & mindfulness

– Drawing

– Planting things

– Ceremonies (of giving thanks, for example)

– Making maps

– Mending things

– Dancing

Take turns leading these events (optional)

Help choose the direction of future events, based on our questions and needs as we continue to figure them out


NOTE: Quiet participation is possible!

INTERDEPENDENCE DAYS WILL MEET at 186 Carpenter St, 6-7:30 pm on the following days:

Tuesday, June 28th

Tuesday, July 5th

THURSDAY, July 14th

Tuesday, July 19th

Tuesday, July 26th

Tuesday, August 2nd

THURSDAY, August 11th

Tuesday, August 16th

Tuesday, August 23rd

Tuesday, August 30th

with the option to keep going later into the year, if people want to. Periodically we’ll check in with participants to see if they want to keep going or change the direction or stop.

Interdependence Days have a Facebook page, which you can use to ask questions; I’ll also be posting more information there as the events take shape. Or you can write to me at my gmail address, publiclycomplex, with questions about forms of participation, accessibility, kids at the events, and more.


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