Climate Anxiety Counseling Returns to Burnside Park!

Do you worry about climate change and its effects? Or is something else pressing on your mind?

Do you feel alone with your thoughts, or helpless, or disconnected?

Do you imagine the future? What do you imagine?

Come and talk about any or all of those things with me. I will be staffing the Climate Anxiety Counseling booth in Burnside Park (Washington St., downtown Providence, opposite Kennedy Plaza) on the following days:

May 11th-12th
May 15th-16th
May 24th-30th
June 8th-12th
June 20th-24th
These are a little patchy, because I’m traveling a bit (I have a new book out). Following me on Twitter or using the Facebook event page is probably the easiest way to see if I’ll be there on a given day, or you can check back here.
If you come see me and give me five cents for the Environmental Justice League of Rhode Island, I’ll listen to your anxieties, climate-change-related or otherwise–I might ask you some questions to find out more about them–and with your permission, write them down and post them here. (New readers: check out the booth sessions category for what that will look like.) I’ll give you a small piece of art to keep, a drawing of a creature that shares our land and water with us:
red-breasted merganser
And I’ll tell you about something new that’s happening this summer. Please come see me: as of Wednesday, the doctor is in.



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