Climate Change Science in an Age of Misinformation

I’m staffing the Climate Anxiety Counseling booth and speaking on a panel at a conference at the University of Rhode Island (Kingston Campus) tomorrow! Come visit me. My panel’s at 1:30; the full agenda’s here. I’m going to try to get the booth set up by 8:30, when the conference starts.

This is sort of an odd event for me to do, because I have no scientific training and convincing people that climate change is real isn’t really what I use the booth for, though if someone asks questions I tell the truth and explain as best I can. I see it as a chance for me to learn a little, and talk with some people I might not otherwise, and warm up the booth before my stints in Burnside Park start in May. I think it’s free to come? If you find it’s not, let me know and I’ll cover you.


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