Providence 2050

The Providence Public Library, a place and institution that I love so much, invited people living and working in the city to imagine it in 2050, and this is what we said. I’m in there (though I don’t know that I would call myself an “emerging leader”) and so are a lot of people that I also love, and some I don’t know.

Thanks to Kate Wells and the PPL for inviting me to be part of this story.

4 thoughts on “Providence 2050

  1. dear kate, i am moved to tears by the breadth and depth of your vision and by the generous, attentive future you can imagine. i love you, mom

  2. I just listened to the first one for me – Kate Schapira’s. I have “climate change anxiety” bordering on “climate change demoralization” but Kate’s comments give me HOPE that new ways of living will be created that allow us to move along as the world’s resources, weather and bio diversity are altered. Thank you Kate for restoring some sense of a future. (Will listen to one a day and think about that has been said.) This is a wonderful thing!

  3. Great to hear you talk about Providence along with the others about 2050. The changes you and the others refer to do not just happen, they begin as seeds of awareness that get planted and hopefully get nurtured to grow either out of necessity (survival) or enlightenment ( better ways to live).

    This forum is very impressive, I’m not sure I’ve seen anything like it anywhere or heard of anything like it. Get the word out ( TED, Social Media) and put forth the message of positive change and hope, and many will follow.

    I commend your leadership

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