Climate Rallies in RI/MA 11/29: Peacedale, Foxboro

The COP21 international talks on climate change in Paris have canceled many public demonstrations, and people throughout the world have been organizing responsive marches in their own places. Here are two:

Twilight Climate Rally, Sunday, 11/29, 3:45pm, Foxboro Common in front of Boyden Library, Foxboro, MA (RSVP/more info)

Global Climate March, Sunday, 11/29, 11:30am, Unitarian Universalist Church of South County, 27 North Rd, Peacedale (RSVP/more info)

You can also sign up to show up on someone else’s behalf, or ask someone else to do that for you, at March4Me. This is great if you can’t physically get to a march, have responsibilities that prevent you from going, or have bodily or mental needs that a march or demonstration jeopardizes.


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