TODAY, Thursday 10/8: Your Chance to Object to Processing Fracked Gas in Providence

If you live in or near Providence, this is your chance to object to National Grid’s intention to build a natural gas processing plant that presents a high chronic and acute risk to our air and water.

Public Hearing on National Grid’s Natural Gas Production Facility

Juanita Sanchez Education Complex, 182 Thurbers Ave., Providence

Those who want to speak against the facility can sign up to do so starting at 6pm. The hearing starts at 6:30pm.

More information about the schedule and process of this meeting, including the procedure for making a statement, is here.

I will be there and I hope some of you can come, too, and tell other people about it.

If I get the chance (and can do so without taking the spot of someone who lives near the threatened site), I want to say something like this: I don’t live on the Southside, but I care what happens there because it affects the people who live in Providence with me. I don’t want them to be at risk of a breach or a leak or an explosion any more than I would want that risk. I don’t want their air or water compromised any more than I would want mine compromised. I don’t want this plant to be built at all, and I definitely don’t want it in the city where I live. I buy my electricity from National Grid and I want them to commit more firmly to more renewable, less polluting and dangerous energy.


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