Alternate Histories: The Stratigraphic Story

I’ve been reading Lee Billings’s book Five Billion Years of Solitude because I want to write about space (as fact and dream) and planetary history, and I just read the part about stratigraphy and deep time. This reading has made me think about how paleoclimatologists (like friend of Climate Anxiety Counseling Tom Webb), geologists and others who study Earth as a planet find the stories that they tell, interwoven with other stories. It’s also made me think about science’s history of trying to look at one thing at a time when everything exists and changes in relation, and about the way geologists are the ones who’ve proposed the term “Anthropocene,” and about where and how we find and make stories.

From now on, all my posts here will have one bolded, italicized word in them that links back to this post, and these words will slowly add up to an alternate history of deep future time, or at least medium-deep. You will need to take my word for it that I haven’t prepared the whole text of the story beforehand; rather, interactions between the posts I want to make (alternate histories, reflections, upcoming booth sessions on October 14th and 15th, relevant actions and events) and the words I’ve already used will dictate the next word and, thus, the direction of the story. The words will exist in relation, in context, in their own time; only over time will they reveal their additional relation, their slowly accumulating meaning.

When it’s done or “done,” if we live that long, I’ll post it here in its entirety.

7 thoughts on “Alternate Histories: The Stratigraphic Story

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