Alternate Histories: Labor Day

Here’s a story about work that someone told me at the Climate Anxiety Counseling booth when I was set up in Kennedy Plaza (heads up, it has a slur in it):


[When I said he didn’t need to give me a quarter] I used to work for the circus. I set up for the g*psies, I know how it works. I put bikes together at the scrapyard, I fixed ski boats–I used to rent ’em out. I worked for everybody. I worked on that ship, Project Hope, went around picking up sick people, disabled people. I scraped it right down for everybody. We painted it different colors first, then we did whatever they wanted to do with it. I dropped out of school, I did everything, I was in the Peace Corps, Save the Whales … I’m 59 years old, I started when I was 13. I used to be a runner, like for a bakery company. Drunks would give you money to go buy ’em booze. I had so much money in my pocket …. I’d go into the bakery, get the broken cookies. I lived here all my life. I traveled to California, Mexico, Alaska–it’s beautiful. You get six months that’s darkness, then it’s always light.


And here are three alternate histories about the end of extractive wage labor.

Alternate History: 6/13, 6/23

Alternate History: 5/27, 6/10

Alternate History: 5/28, 4/16


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