Climate Anxiety Counseling is In These Times

Martin de Bourmont spoke with me about the Climate Anxiety Counseling Booth for In These Times.

Sometimes it feels misplaced to mention these mentions, like I’m asking you to pay attention to me rather than to the things I’m paying attention to. On the other hand, one thing I wanted from the booth was to contribute to a shared language for talking about and responding to climate change and its effects, and maybe this is part of that.

Martin’s article, written with Dayton Martindale, focuses on people in their 20s and 30s in particular, living with the bad mix of knowledge and lack of knowledge that many of my interlocutors have spoken about, sharing their fear and helplessness. The “something” it opposes to “doing nothing” seems pretty constricted when contrasted with the terms in which I’ve been trying to think and help you think too. But talking about and talking with are both important. And I particularly appreciate the article’s acknowledgement of mental health as a casualty of ecological instability–another field in which we need to look out for each other and make room for each other.

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