Alternate Histories: 5/31, 7/21

This alternate history is by my sister, Rachel Schapira.


I’m 22 years old. My entire life climate change has been in my awareness, it’s been on my mind. We don’t have too much longer of the weather patterns being the way they’ve been. My grandfather was a meteorologist, and he taught me how to read the signs of what weather was coming next, up to a month in advance sometimes. Those signs are no longer as predictable. Everything is changing. 3000 years of human writings that talk about weather patterns, and they’ve never shown it changing as fast as this. It’s going too fast for a natural evolution cycle. We’re acidifying the oceans, we’re leaking oxygen as well as letting in cosmic radiation, we’re building up this giant carbon layer. Rainwater used to be — you could drink it. Now if you drink rainwater, people look at you like you’re crazy.
You clearly know a lot about this. Does it worry you?
Yes, and I think it should worry everyone. We’ve forgotten that we’re just a creature. We’re changing the earth and making it unsustainable, not only unsustainable for us, but unsustainable for everything. We’re doing nothing but the things that are damaging.
Climate Organism bigger
Doctor’s note: If anyone would like a transcript of this, please let me know.

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