Alternate Histories: The Next Phase

In April, I started writing alternate histories in response to the climate and other anxieties people have shared with me: for each, I set a short story in a world in which that person would not have to worry about that thing, and outlined some of what we could change or do differently in order to make that world possible. The stories’ purpose is to reconsider what’s necessary, what’s habitual, what’s structural and what’s mutable about the world we live in now, and to help me, and hopefully you, imagine worlds that work better for more people, nonhuman creatures, and ecosystems.

I’ve invited other people to do this imagining in a few other contexts. In July and August, this blog will feature fully fledged alternate histories by people whose thinking, writing and/or drawing I admire; I’ll post the first one shortly, and they’ll appear more or less once a week. (A couple will be on the writer’s/artist’s own site instead of here.) I want to see what worlds other people can imagine, out of their own experiences and priorities, yes, but with genuine attention to someone else’s need. I hope you’ll come and see them too.

One thought on “Alternate Histories: The Next Phase

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