Alternate Histories: 8/14, 5/17 (A Group Effort from Frequency Writers)

While I’m working on the reflections on the most recent round of Climate Anxiety Counseling in Kennedy Plaza, here’s another alternate history, with three contributors (none of whom were me). The explanation of how this came to be is here. The bracketed bit is because these are in handwriting and I had to make a guess.


I work for a wealthy summer clientele, and they could care less about conserving–they all have central air, and forget about the lawns. I’ve been doing this for thirty-some years, and when I started, very few had sprinkler systems–now I would say 80% do. To keep them lush and green, you have to have landscapers and fertilizers. And I’m seeing in many local ponds, with the exception of extremely deep ponds like Tuckertown, these algae blooms. Up in Arcadia, that used to be a beach. Beach Pond–that whole pond is covered with vegetation.


Perfect green lawns have become unfashionable; re-use of greywater, however, does become fashionable.

Oppenheimer’s Gadget made war obsolete. The generals know this, but war is too profitable, so we water lawns with no love. Whales were killed for oil and then [that killing became] obsolete, and [we] traded that for a new killing which moves slow. Eventually humans will die out or get the tremendous amount of energy for civilization not from burning stuff from the ground like the [word I can’t read] did.

It is possible to become accustomed to the heat.

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