Alternate Histories: the month of April

Every day this month, I’ll post an alternate history: a short story responding to one of the anxieties people shared with me at the Climate Anxiety Counseling booth last year.

Some of these stories are going to be pretty bad. I’ll make them better later, but right now I just want to get them going.

As certain humans and structures make many conditions of life increasingly impossible, I want to practice imagining futures that differ, that range, but that shift what we label possible or impossible.

If you find yourself rejecting them, ask what it is about them you’re rejecting–is that thing really any weirder, any less likely, than what some of us are doing now to the rest of us?

It’s been a little less than a year since I first set Climate Anxiety Counseling in motion. Some of my desires for it, some of my senses of its possibilities, have changed or faded or been replaced. My desire for us to take care of each other remains unslaked. If anybody wants to try to slake it, be my guest.


11 thoughts on “Alternate Histories: the month of April

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