Climate Anxiety Counseling at AS220 Foo Fest! + call for assistance!

The doctor will be IN at the Foo Fest on Empire St, under the big tent, on Saturday, August 9th, 5:30-9 pm. #RIorganisms cards available include a hummingbird hawkmoth, a semipalmated plover, a razor clam and some choanoflagellates. There’ll also be a lot to see, read, listen to and do from the other stands and bands, so please come down!


The doctor will also be in at the Washington County Fair, August 13th-17th, 10 am-10 pm.

That is a lot of long days in a row with only fried dough to eat. If you live down that way (Kingston / North Kingstown / Richmond / etc.) and would be willing to spell me for an hour here or there during those days, it would be a big help in my efforts to bring this project to another batch of Rhode Islanders. You can leave a comment here or email me at my gmail address, publicly complex, if you’d be willing and able to help. Thanks!


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