Terms of engagement

Now that the project is running and I’m actually talking and listening to people, you may want to comment on this blog! I hope you will, keeping the following in mind:

1) Don’t be rude or insulting to me or to anyone whose words I post here. If your comment is rude or insulting, I won’t let it through. I know the difference between “critical” and “vicious” and I think you do too.

2) The climate is changing. We can talk about what that means, what may happen, who’s involved, who’s responsible, and a million other facets, but we aren’t going to talk here about whether it’s happening, so I will also not let through comments asserting that it isn’t.

That’s it! Thanks to all who have agreed to let me share their words here, and all who are reading. Excerpts from today’s session will follow shortly.


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